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Melanie Palmer-Johnson, mum of Amelia

"The trainers are fantastic and the staff are always so helpful and professional!

I am so glad I found Flair… I am very excited for the future progression of my little girl.

I recommend Flair to everyone as I cannot stress what a great club this is.

Great job guys"

* * * * *

Sarah Marinescu, mum of Daniela and Christian
"It motivated and inspired my daughter to continue striving to achieve new skills. The coaches were excellent role models. It has increased her confidence."
* * * * *

Rachel Nebbett, mum of Jay & Charley

"The atmosphere is brilliant and my children love all the activities."

* * * * *

Mandy Nicholson, mum of Jessica & Alexander

"Staff are very well organised! The facilities are fab!

* * * * *

Karen Redparth, mum of Tillie

"Great fun, trust in the team leaders, fantastic thank you."

* * * * *

Kathryn Neve, mum of Elise-Bella

"The themed sessions are great, lots of energy and fun."

* * * * *

Tumble Camp 


Covid-Safe Class Structure and Lesson Plans

You can book 1 day, or a full week depending on the camp duration

Family discount for 2 or more children

Suitable for children aged 4 -17yrs

Super-charge your child's learning during the holidays and accelerate their confidence and gym skills too!


4 Action packed hours per day of the most exciting holiday camp programme around!

3 Super-FUN learning zones of TUMBLE - TRAMPOLINE - ACRO

*some venues offer a variation of this programme 

Outstanding Coaching professionals!

Children are grouped by age and by ability so we welcome all abilities at camp.

From Beginner (no past experience) - through to Expert (can back flip or somersault)

Trampoline Master Class 


Suitable for children aged 5 -17yrs

Super-charge your child's learning during the holidays and accelerate their confidence and trampoline skills too!


Dedicated trampolining coaching that is tailored for each participant

4 Super-Bouncy professional trampolines

Outstanding coaching professionals!

Children are grouped by age and by ability so we welcome all abilities at camp.

From Beginner (no past experience) - through to Expert (can somersault)


Why TUMBLE Camp Is A Smart Choice For
Your Child During Their School Holidays


Super-Charge Your Child's Learning During The School Holidays And Accelerate Their Confidence Too!

Pack 1 week of learning into just 4 hours! Well thats how it works when you immerse yourself into something for 4 hours a day. Its an intense and fully focused feast of all things gymnastics!

At TUMBLE CAMP every child learns to become the very best possible version of themselves as we personalise their learning experience helping them to get the very best out of every moment in the gym. Progression through learning brings achievement that allows for confidence to grow in spades. Achievement medals and reward stickers are presented to reflect effort and progress.

Many parents have said how their child's confidence has improved after just 1 day at camp!


3 Super-FUN Learning Zones

Its like 3 camps rolled into 1!
Your child will get to take part in 3 awesome training zones....


- Roll, leap, jump, cartwheel, flick and somersault: Taught in safe and progressive stages to build and grow your child's skill level and their confidence too!


- Balance like the acrobats of Cirque Du Soleil and work in teams to make the perfect pyramid. Teamwork is the name of the game here.


- Twist and turn getting lots of air time and safely progress to somersaults, linking skills to form routines. Memory and core stability are tested during your time on the trampolines.


Personalised Learning

From Beginner with no past experience - through to Expert.

We group the children by age and by their ability so we welcome all levels at camp.

This means that all children will learn at the best rate that is right for them.
We believe that personalised learning is a truly effective way for children to get the very best out of their time with us, always working at the correct rate for their personal ability and mindset.

Each Day At Camp Is Themed To Add To The FUN

Due to covid-safety we are currently not running themed classes

Everyone loves a theme! Well TUMBLE CAMP has daily themes including:

  • Under The Sea
  • Disney
  • Circus
  • Super Heroes
  • James Bond
  • The Olympics

Your coaching team dress up to match each theme (and the kids can too) and the warm-ups and training zones all run to the daily theme with some hidden surprises and prizes along the way.


Amazing Coaching Professionals!

We hand-pick ONLY the very BEST coaches to work with your budding young gymnast who all have an awesome attitude towards life and growing confident kids.

Your team are given world-class training and a sprinkle of Flair magic to give YOU the very best coaches to work with your child.

Your awesome child centric team includes former international and GB gymnastics & trampolining competitors

International coaches, mums of boys and mums of girls

Coaches who have been part of the world gymnastics championships events team

University students specialising in psychology, child care and molecular science.

Taught by our team of outstanding coaching EXPERTS

"Hi I'm Coach Amanda (club manager)... I am a parent just like you and my children LOVE going to holiday TUMBLE camp. And I really enjoy coaching at our camps. They are a great way for the children to consolidate their learning in an immersive environment. I am club leader at our Weybridge club and a former international trampolining competitor so my favourite part of TUMBLE camp is 'trampolining'. It's great to see the children progress in both skill level and confidence during their time with us at camp.

Could this be the most enthusiastic and positive coaching team on the planet?

We hand-pick ONLY the very BEST coaches to work with your budding young gymnast who have awesome attitudes towards life and growing confident kids.

Our coaches are given world-class training and a sprinkle of Flair magic to give YOU the very best

team to work with your child at Holiday Tumble Camp.

ormer international and GB gymnastics & trampolining competitors

International coaches, mums of boys and mums of girls

Coaches who have been part of the world gymnastics championships events team

University students specialising in psychology, child care and molecular science.

Your Holiday Camp Survival Guide



A: We have introduced some very detailed safety measures with advice from the local authority, the national gymnastics governing body, and the NSPCC, as well as with all government guidelines

The following outlines the various measures that we have put in place to help keep all of our members, guests and staff covid-safe whilst taking part in classes and camps.

We ask that you explain to your child and remind them before each of their classes and camps that they must follow the coaches instructions at all times and that safe-distancing will be in place inside the gym.


The entire building and our sports hall/s has been deep cleaned with vigorous daily covid-safe cleaning protocol in place  

Our gymnastics and trampolining apparatus are sanitised before every class by staff who have been trained in the correct covid-safe cleaning methods

Staff and members must use the hand sanitiser when entering and reentering the sports hall


Safe-distance is followed at all classes with a one way system for many of the activities

Coloured discs are being used for members to stand on during static work such as warm-ups and cool downs, to keep safe distancing.

The warm up floor will have separated mats to keep safe-distancing.


Classes and Camps will look and feel a little different. Our lesson plans have been reinvented to be covid-safe whilst remaining a lot of FUN and all staff trained in the operation of each lesson plan. Members will be guided in how each section of the class works and we have created a very simple to follow system without compromising on FUN & ADVENTURE where learning and building confidence will remain at the heart of our classes and camps.

There is a one-way system for most parts of the class to promote safe-distance at all times.

Coaches are not physically supporting (spotting) members for skills, so will be teaching skills that members do not need physical support for. However your child’s coach will always be standing close by the landing zones and tumble tracks, so rest assured that if they need to step in for any safety issues they will do so.

We won’t be giving our usual ‘high-fives’ to acknowledge effort, but will be using a lot of verbal feedback to coach and encourage.

Camps will not follow the usual themes since we are not encouraging dress-up or hall decoration.

Please ONLY book your child onto a CAMP if you are confident they can follow instructions and directions. Due to safe distancing requirements, if attendees are unable to follow the safety instructions & direction of the coaches we will contact you to collect your child early from camp - We thank you in advance for your understanding with this strict rule.

Please do not attend classes if anyone in your household is self-isolating, or has displayed symptoms of COVID19 in the last 7 days. 

CANCELLATION | All payments made for holiday camp bookings are non-refundable, but ARE transferable should the student have a medical illness or injury. In the circumstance that we have to cancel a camp, we will offer an alternative date or venue, BUT we will not offer a refund.

For full and complete details about our Covid-Safe updates and information, please visit

Q: Where is CAMP taking place?

A: Holiday Tumble Camps take place at the following Flair Clubs:


Guildford Spectrum

Parkway Guildford

Surrey GU1 1UP

Q: What times are the CAMPS? 

A: Please check times for all camps by clicking the ORANGE booking link buttons

Q: What dates are the CAMPS? 

A: Tumble camp runs during all school holidays

Please check dates for all camps by clicking the ORANGE booking link buttons

Easter Holidays

-  Summer Half Term
Summer Holidays
-  Autumn Half Term
Christmas Holidays

-  Spring Half Term

Q: What is the price of CAMP ?

A: We offer a day rate and a block rate for camps that are for more than 1 week.

AND we offer sibling (2nd child) + member discounts too!

Please check prices for all camps by clicking the ORANGE booking link buttons.

Q: Is there a minimum age for CAMP? 

A: The minimum age is 4 years old for Tumble Camp and 5yrs for trampolining master class. Children are grouped by age and by ability so we welcome all ages and abilities at camp.

Q: What happens at a TUMBLE CAMP and do you cater for all levels of ability?

A: Your budding young gymnast will have a warm-up and stretch and then break into a smaller group to work on the 3 action packed learning zones.



Children are grouped by age and by ability so we welcome all abilities at camp.

From Beginner (no past experience) - through to Expert (can back flip or somersault)

Because we cater for all levels of ability your child will always be working at the correct rate that is right for them.

Q: Do you have a lunch break?

A: There are 'mini breaks' (for drinks & snacks, not a full lunch) after each ZONE.

We don't break for lunch, so your little one will need refuelling with lunch after camp.

Q: Can I stay and watch CAMP?

A: During the current enhanced safety measures, the viewing balcony at club Spectrum is closed and we do not have any viewing facilities inside the gym.

Go grab a coffee at Costa (take-away only) or hit the shops, BUT, don't forget to come and pick up your budding young gymnast at home time!

Q: What should my child wear to Camp?

A: Any of the following can be worn to class. T-shirt, shorts, leotard, leggings, tracksuit.

Bare feet for Gymnastics and SOCKS for trampolining.


Q: What should my child bring to Camp?

A: Please bring with you:

Drinking water or a non-fizzy drink.

Healthy light snack (eg. fruit and fruit bar)

Clean socks to wear on the trampolines.

Any medication needed (eg. Asthma pump).

Bags of energy.

Q: Can we just turn up to Tumble Camp without Booking?

A: You will need to book in advance for all TUMBLE CAMPS. This is so we can best cater for your child's needs by knowing a little information in advance like age, ability and any medical conditions. You will also need to make your payment for camp in advance.

For obvious safety reasons we are unable to accept any children into the gym that have not completed, in advance, a registration booking form.

Q: Do you hold insurance and are the staff DBS (CRB) police checked?

A: As a professional and responsible company we operate strict and very thorough safety measures at our club and events including full insurance and DBS checks for all staff, you can read more about our safety measures HERE.

Q: Do you have first aid procedures at camp?

A: Each camp leader is first aid trained and holds a first aid qualification in line with our health, safety and welfare policies , you can read more about our safety measures HERE.

Q: I need to cancel my booking, can I have a refund?

A: Please triple check that you CAN make the dates that you are booking for, because once you hit that confirmation button on the payments page, all payments made for holiday camp bookings are non-refundable, but ARE transferable should the student have a medical illness or injury. In the circumstance that we have to cancel a camp, we will offer an alternative date or venue, BUT we will not offer a refund.

Q: I have more questions, who should I speak to and how do I contact you?

A: Please reach out by Email or by phone HERE 

We look forward to chatting with you and answering any other questions that you may have about TUMBLE HOLIDAY CAMP

Flair Gymnastics is a trading name of Flair Sport and Leisure Limited. Registered in England and Wales, registered number 07097637.

UK Flair Head Office Address: Abbey House, Hickleys Court, South Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7QQ.